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What is Chemistry 12 Full Funda ?

Chemistry 12 Full Funda is an educational website that provides a vast collection of previous year questions for popular entrance exams like JEE, NEET and also for CBSE, and state exams. The website also contains chapterwise notes and solutions that are essential for students.

Students can benefit from the website by referring to the chapterwise notes and solutions, which make it easier for them to understand and retain the concepts. The website is user-friendly, and students can navigate through the website with ease. The website’s content is structured and organized, making it simple for students to find what they are looking for.

Overall, Chemistry 12 Full Funda is an excellent resource for students preparing for entrance exams and state exams, as it offers a vast array of resources to assist them in their studies.


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Our website is the best place for students in classes 1-12 to succeed in school. We have many different resources for students to use, like notes, for subjects like Math, Science, Social Studies, English and many more. We also have the exam schedules for CBSE, ICSE, and state government schools so students can be ready for their exams. At CHEMISTRY12 FULL FUNDA, we have lots of mock papers and old exam questions for classes 10 and 12, as well as for JEE and NEET exams.